Price List / Ordering

After looking over the price list you may order by clicking the order link here or below, or give call me at 1-320-594-2811 to place your order. Please include your full name, mailing address, delivery address (UPS able and/or USPS), telephone number(s), and regular email address (WE DO NOT sell or swap our customers personal information to anyone!). DO NOT send any Visa/Master card numbers via "regular" email, or U.S. Mail.  If you are having any trouble with the order form, please let us know about it via email or phone.

If you live in the US, and if I may contact you via the telephone, I will probably call to confirm your order (see order form).   If you want to send a check or money order in advance (payable to PJL Enterprises, P.O. Box 273, Browerville, MN 56438), please let me confirm your order total & shipping costs first.

I prefer to contact customers by phone as it is faster than writing an email, to ensure that the order was placed by the recipient, and sometimes to clear up a what I perceive as "mistakes" on an order. Things like ordering the #2 and # 6 "original style" pens with heavy duty cord(s), and a flatwork pyrography book would alert me that the customer may have ordered pens that are not the right style to begin with, and that they may not understand which tip styles that are commonly used, or recommended, for flatwork pyrography. It's no fun finding out that you purchased the wrong accessories when buying something, so I am more than happy to help out in any way that I can.

Special note: Carving club discounts have been discontinued.  However, carving clubs previously registered with PJL Enterprises will continue to receive their 10% discount.   Dealers wanting to carry the Optima line of carving tools, should contact PJL Enterprises by telephone to inquire about tool options and wholesale prices.

*NOTE: Shipping costs may vary from prices shown, because we go by "actual cost".   Please confirm your shipping costs before sending a check or money order, I'll try to confirm via email or by phone A.S.A.P. if you order online.

Shipping prices reflect "cheapest" method.  It may be sent by Priority Mail, and may vary if shipped outside the continental US (does not include Alaska or Hawaii). Add $10.00 if ordering via COD.



Included Accessories / Description


Optima 1 Single Burner $107.00 *1 pen, 1 Standard cord, 1 pen clip.  Add $2.00 if ordering with a Heavy Duty cord. 2.5LBS
Optima 1 dual Burner $149.00 *2 pens, 2 Standard cords, 2 pen clips.   Add $2.00 for EACH Heavy Duty cord ordered instead of a standard cord. 2.5LBS
Extra HD or Ultra fine standard Optima 1 pen(s) $20.00 Add $1.00 for extra foam grips, add $5.00 for custom (call), and $3.00 for extended length pen tips.
Specialty pens $30.00 Currently PH21A - 1/8" & PH21B 3/16" Basket Illusion pens & PH22 Coil Stamping tip.  Add $1.00 for extra foam grips. 1oz
Standard Optima 1 Cord $10.00 Directly compatible with Razortip, Nibs, and Navesink 2oz
Heavy Duty Optima 1 Cord $12.00 Directly compatible with Razortip, Nibs and Navesink 2oz
Detail Master to Op 1 Pen Cord, 18 gauge. $13.00 Use Optima 1 pens on Detail Master or units with similar 1/4" mono phono jack chassis mount jack 2oz
Detail Master to Op 1 Pen Cord, 16 gauge. $15.00 Use Optima 1 pens on Detail Master or units with similar 1/4" mono phono jack chassis mount jack 2oz
Colwood Replacement Cord, 18 Gauge $10.00 Replaces Colwood 18 gauge cord 2oz
Colwood Replacement Cord, 16 Gauge $12.00 Replaces Colwood 16 gauge cord 2oz
Woodburning with Cheryl Dow (1 through 4) $13.00 Basic detailed instructions, and professionally made patterns B&W 6oz
Cheryl Dow V Pattern Book $20.00 Includes 40 unique illustrations, 19 of which are shown in full color 6oz
Woodburning with Cheryl Dow 2 disc DVD set! $25.00 Includes Actual Cost2 Patterns from Cheryl's 4th book (NEW lower price!) 4oz

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Shipping Costs

You can calculate the shipping cost via (U.S. Post office web site). Direct link =   Select your country from the drop down list menu, check the "Package" option, then enter the weight (see next paragraph), and click the "continue" button on the bottom right.  Select Express or Priority Mail International, and use the "online" postage rate column to calculate your postage.  Be sure to add the insurance amount after this screen (it should be insured for the price of the unit, plus any accessories or extras)..  Domestic shipments do not require insurance.  PS, our zip code is 56438.

The Optima 1 Single unit weighs about 2 pounds 8 ounces (add 1 ounce for each extra pen ordered).
The Optima 1 Dual weighs 2 pounds 12 ounces (add 1 oz for each extra pen).
The Optima 2 Plus tool weighs 3 pounds 8 ounces.
The Ultima weighs 5 pounds 8 ounces (again, add 1 ounce for each extra pen).
Optima 1 Pens weigh 1 ounce (+1 ounce for padded envelope), limit of 6 pens via US mail, and a limit of 10 pens via Priority mail Small flat rate.

If you are ordering a Cheryl Dow book with your Optima 1 burner, add 9 ounces for your initial book, and 6 ounces for each additional book (we have to go up a box size for that first one).  Cheryl's DVD set weights about 4 ounces.

USPS is the least expensive method of shipping overseas. Generally, for complete units we only ship with methods that are insurable (Priority mail or Express mail International). Global Express can also be used, but it is generally more expensive. For small, less expensive items (a few burning pens or a cord), First Class mail is acceptable, and much less expensive. I believe that APO/FPO addresses are shipped at the domestic rate, but may only be sent via priority mail.

We do make 220/240 VAC versions of all of our tools. It only costs $2.00 more, as we add an AC adapter jack to make our US jack compatible with European wall sockets. Just make a note of it in the "Notes" field on our order form.



Our return policy is fairly liberal. If within 30 days of shipment you are not satisfied with with a product you purchased from PJL Enterprises, you may return it for a refund or replacement, (minus shipping costs if applicable, Optima 1 pen tips may be subject to a $7.00 replacement fee if damaged or heavily carboned). If their is a problem with your unit, please call or email us immediately.

Returns of merchandise with missing accessories, obvious damage, or heavy usage are subject to a refurbishing fee, (what ever it costs us to fix or replace the unit or items). Shipping costs incurred are non refundable, unless of course we screwed up. If shipped back via UPS there is an automatic $100 insurance on the package.  USPS Priority Mail now includes an automatic $50 of insurance coverage.

Return via UPS to: PJL Enterprises, 720 N. Perry Ave., Browerville, MN 56438
Return via US mail to: PJL Enterprises, P.O. Box 273, Browerville, MN 56438

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