Wood burning with Cheryl Dow I

Cheryl Dow’s first book includes 14 different patterns: Raccoon, Wolf (full body), Squirrel, Owl, Barn Scene, Lighthouse, Fox & Barn (cover, shown here), Merganser, Pintail, Chickadee, Butterfly, Fawn, Moose, and her now famous "Wolf Head". Again, there are three versions of each pattern, complete with detailed instructions.

The preface and instructions are pretty much the same (outstanding) for both books. Although this book does not have a calligraphy table, Cheryl does give some directions, and what materials you'll need, on how to use transparent oils to colors your pyrography.

After using two other top selling brands, Cheryl now uses the Optima 1 wood burner exclusively; and recommends it to all of her students. Her favorite Optima pens, used throughout both of these books are the PH12 (small skew w/ rounded heel), and the PH18 (Spear Point Shader). Be sure to have both of these pens when purchasing one of her books. A Heavy Duty cord is also recommended for most types of flat work pyrography.

Wood burning with Cheryl Dow I

Wood burning with Cheryl Dow II

An award winning artist and teacher, Cheryl Dow has just released her latest book on flat work wildlife pyrography techniques. The cover, shown here, is an example of her outstanding work.

If your wanting to learn how to do flat work pyrography, you can’t find better books on teaching this subject. This newest book is an addition her previous published works, with some new techniques and new patterns.

Ten patterns are included in this book which include: Loon (w/baby), Mouse, Raccoons, Lynx, Chipmunk, Frog, Barn, Heron (cover), Deer, and a Wolf pattern.

Also included is a calligraphy table, showing letters, technique, and flow lines. Although Cheryl uses the #12 pen to do her calligraphy, I recommend using a #16 or #8 pen (depending on letter sizes) as it is a bit easier to do.

A finished, and flow line pattern are included with each outline pattern. So you can see what it should look like, and which way to burn lines/shading. Each pattern also includes detailed instructions, and any technique not covered in the preface.

Woodburning with Cheryl Dow II

Woodburning with Cheryl Dow III

This book is for more advanced pyrographers, that have had more experience and/or have gone through at least one of her first two books. 

Although the instructions in the front of book are very similar, including an extra page on using the #13 shader pen for doing certain things, there is no individual text for each pattern.  The majority of larger patterns don't include a "flow line" version (just a finished pattern, and outline pattern).

(Note, the patterns with an asterisks "*" by them, do have a flow line pattern included.)

The twelve large patterns are Iris, Naptime* (baby squirrel sleeping), Peony Singer (sitting on a flowers stem), Ship Ahoy (sail ship with lighthouse in background), Lighthouse landing, Little Gossip (two song birds on a flowering branch, facing), Eagle (looking over shoulder, standing on branch), Late Fall Debate (two patterns of Jay on a branch), Mama Cougar* (with cubs), Trillium Deer* (cover), Laying Wolves* (two, laying on a rock).

In addition to her excellent large patterns, Cheryl has also included several (about 36) small outline patterns of various wildlife, scenes, etc....

Woodburning with Cheryl Dow III

Woodburning Quilt Patterns, by Cheryl Dow

This book is for more advanced pyrographers, that have had more experience and/or have gone through at least one of her first two books.

The instructions in this newest book are very similar to her previous books, but she does add a few more pages, and introduces two more pen tips that she has found very useful (the new #9m Micro writing tip, and the versatile new "Dagger Shader").

The patterns in this book (a whooping 51 of them) are a bit smaller than in previous books (two per page), as the inspiration for this book came from the IAPA pyrography listserver quilt project.  Also, none of the patterns in this book contain "flow line" patterns (only a finished, and an outline pattern), as this book is meant for more advanced pyrographers.

Here are the patterns, as they appear in the book.  Each pattern takes up half a page, except the owl at the very end.  Pattern names with an "*" in front of them, are shown here on the cover.

Peek-a-boo Coon, Mama Coon (carrying baby), Flying Heron, Standing Heron, Baby Swan, Hungry baby Bird, *Treed Chippie, Post Chippie, Bullfrog, Frog and Butterfly, *Golden Eagle head, Flying Eagle, Cardinal, Nesting Robin, *Fox head, Fox and Rabbit, Skunk & Flowers, Hounds (lying), Running Doe, Doe Eyed Fawn, Canada Goose Family, Merganser, Horse head, Mare & Colt, Iris Bloom, Poppy, Butterfly, Another Butterfly, Hummingbirds, Peony Singer, Zebras, Ali (My Macaw), Lynx Head, Cougar Head, Seagull, Lighthouse, Barm & Pump, Sailing Ship, Eagle, Owl on Oak Branch, Cougar Family, Resting Moose, *Baby Bear, Mama Bear, a Tiger face, and finally a Lion face (whew).  Oh, and there's an extra one on the last page that is not listed in the index, which is beautiful pattern of an Owl on a branch looking downwards (takes up whole the page).

Woodburning Quilt Patterns by Cheryl Dow

Woodburning With Cheryl Dow V
(Patterns - Patterns - Patterns)

Cheryl's latest is a pattern book with 40 unique illustrations, 19 of which are shown in full color.  If you've been looking  for some of Cheryl's best patterns, here they are.  There are no instructions or flow-line patterns in this book, just patterns, as it is meant for the accomplished pyrographer.

Color Patterns include: Mama and Baby Mallards (shown here on cover), Lion Head, Panda Head, FROG (on a cattail), Butterfly & Turtle, Farmyard Scene, Peekaboo Fox and Rabbit, Pelican on Pier Logs, Fish Scene, Mama Gator and babies hitching a ride, Elephant and Baby out for a stroll, Cat with Yard, The Small Mill, Zebras having after dinner drinks, Owl Feather and his Son (Native American), The Small Covered Bridge, Outhouse Hound, Fighting Cock Pheasants, and Rancher and his Dog.

Black & White Patters:  Dragon Castle, Charging Eagle, Undersea Scene, Winter Barn Scene, Mama and Baby Bears, Hummingbird (drinking from flowers), Horse and Colt, Two Owls, Bob Cat, Owl Head, Eagle Head, Frog and Mushrooms, Two Pelicans, Bethlehem Angel Scene, Buffalo, Horse and Colt Running, Chickadees, Mad Bluebird, Teddy bear & Cat, Sweet Lamb of God, Bear and Wolf heads.

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*Now Available**

Cheryl's 2 set DVD, with 4 hours of personal instruction from the master herself!   Cheryl shows you the basic, intermediate, and some advanced techniques which will bring your skill levels to a higher degree.  Covers a wide range of techniques.

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Still pictures from the DVD Video.

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