The Optima 1 Single & Dual Burners
Optima 1 Single output controller, 1-18 gauge cord, and 1 pen - only $ 107.00.
Optima 1 Single output controller, 1-16 gauge cord, and 1 pen - only $ 109.00.
Optima 1 Dual output controller, 2-18 gauge cords, and 2 pens - only $149.00.
Optima 1 Dual output controller, 1-16 gauge & 1- 18 gauge cord, and 2 pens - only $151.00.
Optima 1 Dual output controller, 2-16 gauge cords, and 2 pens - only $153.00.

1. Burning PensOptima 1 dual pyrographic tool
The Optima 1 offers the thinnest pens and finest tips available. With pre-sharpened and polished tips, ready to go right out of the package. Shorter length tips allow you to get closer to your work and have more control than other brands. The foam pen grips are soft and comfortable, (no more sore fingers).

2. Super-Flex Pen Cords
At 1/2 the size of other brands 18 gauge cords, you'll hardly even know it is there! Now you can get the newest versioni of our 16 gauge super-flex cord for only $2.00 more. If you have a heavy duty pen, or plan on doing allot of burnishing; this new cord is a "must have" item. The new cord is about the same diameter as some of our competitor's 18 gauge cord, and keeps tip temperatures on the newer heavy duty pens rock steady!  UPDATE!  The HD cords have been made even more flexable than before.  With over ten times the stranding of any other pen cord on the market, the newest Optima 1 HD cords are so flexible and kink free, you'll never be satisfied with anything else.

3. Power Control Unit
The 40 Watt Electronic power unit gives precision temperature control, with a very wide range of heat.  It is especially good at holding steady temperatures at the cooler settings, where some other brands go from too cold to "too hot", with no control in between.  Even when on the move, and encountering different line voltages, you can reset the low-end adjustment so that your burner settings are like you have at home.  Both the Single and Dual units are also available in 220/240 European versions (plug adapter $2.00 extra).

4. Warranty
The Optima 1 (single or dual burner) now carries a life time parts and labor warranty against manufacturing defects for the power supply, cord, and pen body (as of Feb., 1st 1997). Burning tips are excluded, as their use (or abuse) is beyond our control.

Heavy Duty Pen Style (Shown here, top)HDnLDPens.jpg (28743 bytes)
Great for people who like to “heat carve”, or carve deep. The pen’s barrel is larger to insulate against the heat, and the tips are made for heavier duty use. We recommend getting the new heavy duty 16 gauge cord, as it is able to draw more amps.

Available Tip Styles:
Custom or extended length tips of varying shapes are available upon request (extra $5.00 charge). Fixed pens with tip sell for only $20.00, replacement or repair of tips are only $7.00 apiece (not including shipping).

Click here to download Optima 1 instructions (print in landscape duplex mode)

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